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Raging Fyah

Raging Fyah is a talented and dynamic young band and one of the bright lights in a long awaited Jamaican Reggae Renaissance. The band originally started in 2006 as a trio with, Anthony Watson (Drummer), Demar Gayle (Keyboardist) and Delroy Hamilton (Bassist). They were later divinely united with Courtland White (Guitarist), Kumar Bent (lead singer) and Mahlon Moving (Engineer) as they set out to rekindle a flame of positvity in the music industry.

Their music is influenced by passion, purpose and life experiences, and they write lyrics “to touch the soul of the listener, uplifting and motivating people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.” Their catchy, original melodies have been likened to those of legendary artistes such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Third World.

The band also has its own recording label, Raging Fyah Productions, which produced their debut single “Peace Reigns”, as well as the“H20 riddim” which has featured several popular reggae and dancehall artistes.

Raging Fyah “is committed to changing the world, note by note, melody by melody, preading light in areas of darkness, growing when conditions seem most bleak, demolishing obstacles without remorse. We will keep blazing... like a raging fyah!“

Raging Fyah | Delroy Hamilton

Raging Fyah : Delroy Hamilton

Some folks are born to sing. Others are born to dance. Delroy Hamilton aka Pele was born to be a musician. Pele was born on May 14, 1983 in St. Catherine and grew up in Golden Grove.

The church was Pele’s musical foundation and his natural abilities led him to experiment with various instruments including keyboards, drums, and singing. It wasn’t until his fingers graced the strings of the bass guitar, however that “his entire mind, soul and body was fully in tune.”

Pele decided to enroll in the Edna Manley College of the Performing Arts where he became a certified musician in Jazz and popular music. Despite academic training to read music, Pele enjoys playing by ear and putting his whole heart and soul into the music he creates. Pele is a sincere young man with a soulful and peaceful nature.

Pele has toured and performed with artistes such as Freddie McGregor, Anthony B, Fanton Mojah and Nelly Stharre (a renowned Dominican artiste). He has also worked on various studio projects with legendary producers such as Clive Hunt, Mickey Bennett and Bobby Digital. Recently, however, Pele has decided to devote all of his time to Raging Fyah, for which he is the leader, bass player and one of the background vocalists.

Raging Fyah | Kumar Bent

Raging Fyah : Kumar Bent

Kumar Bent is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Raging Fyah. He was born on December 12, 1988 in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica to parents, Sharon Armstrong Bent and Conrad Bent.

Kumar loves words, melodies and rhythm. Music is his vibe, his consciousness, his healing and his food. He grew up in the church where he got involved in music from an early age, taking part also in music festivals at the primary and secondary schools he attended.

It was clear Kumar had a natural love for music, however he wasn’t encouraged to believe that this could lead to a successful career. Instead he was steered to focus on his academics. Natural love escalated to passion while he was pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and he “surrendered to divine will,” and enrolled at The Edna Manley College. There he discovered a whole new world of music, people and culture, studying keyboards for 2 years after which he switched to vocal studies.

While at Edna Manley, Kumar was eager to make a mark and to earn. Hewanted a strong positive start to his career so he frequented prominent studios recording singles as a solo dancehall act, but his heart was not satisfied with the authenticity of the music he was creating: “the soul was missing”. At that time Raging Fyah was looking for a lead vocalist and again, “divine will” united their paths.

As the lead singer of the band Kumar keeps “the meditation of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and vigour of my body in the service of Jah and the people, to assist in the welfare of the entire human race. I will continue to stay tuned-in to the higher powers and listen to my soul. On Judgement Day I’ll be playing music for the rebels!”

Raging Fyah | Anthony Watson

Raging Fyah : Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson considers himself a humble, easy-going individual who absolutely loves music. Anthony was born on August 19, 1984 in Montego Bay, St. James, to AngelaJohnsonand Cleve Watson. Like his fellow band members, his musical journey started in churchwhere he learned what it meant to play with joy from the heart and soul.

After finishing high school, Anthony spent a year working with his uncle in his office, butwould play drums on everything, at every opportunity. His percussion skills were noticed by a family friend who encouraged him to attend Edna Manley Collage of the Visual and PerformingArts. His parents agreed, and to seal the deal his mother boughthim his first musical instrument. It was a Mapex Pro series 13” Stainless Steel Snare Drum. After that it was “drumming in the day… drumming a-aall night…”

Anthony has worked with many artistes such as The Wailers, Chalice, Sanchez, Gyptian,Cherine Anderson, Coco T, Gregory Issacs others, locally and internationally, in studio and on stage. He has also performed with the UWI Steel OrchestraandByron Lee’sDragonaires. The producers Anthony has worked with over the years are some of jamaica's finest,Clive Hunt, Aston "Family Man" Barrett,Mikey Bennett,Wayne Armond, demar Gayle,Bobby Digital and many otherveterans in ourMusic Industry.

Anthony blazes a trail of positivity with his soulful playing and Raging Fyah is his passion and drive.”To be on the world stage spreading Jah message ofRoots Reality and Culture along with his brothers from Raging Fyah would be a dream come through and Jah works in full effect!”

Raging Fyah | Demar Gayle

Raging Fyah : Demar Gayle

Demar Gayle is the keyboard player, musical director and one of the founding members of Raging Fyah. Demar was born April 7, 1986 in the parish of Manchester, but grew up in a small community called Aenon Town. From a very early age I realized my interest and passion was in visual and performing arts. Throughout my high school life at Brown's Town High School, I represented my school at the JCDC festivals by acting, playing the keyboard and singing with the school choir. After high school, he moved to Kingston where he studied at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Demar has toured as keyboard player for artistes such as, Sizzla, Richie Spice, Chalice, Grace Thrillers, Chevelle Franklyn, Carlene Davis, Lutan Fyah, Duane Stephenson and others. The artistes who influence my music are Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Aerosmith, The Beatles and Maroon 5.

Demar’s mission is to impact the world in a positive way “creating contemporary, authentic reggae music that can be enjoyed by all generations. I am ready to fulfill my purpose in spreading love, life and oneness with the Fyah inside me. Raging Fyah!”

Raging Fyah | Mahlon Moving

Raging Fyah : Mahlon Moving

Mahlon Moving was born in Kingston on April 3, 1983. The church was his introduction to music and he started singing in the church choir from the age of 7. Piano lessons followed and he continued to study this instrument during his high school years at Calabar. He developed an interest in composing music + rhythms while finishing high school and was exposed to audio mixing.

On leaving high school, Mahlon enrolled at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts where he met Pele, Demar and Anthony. He continued to study piano , and realized he had an interest in sound engineering . After Edna ,Mahlon went to work with Deep Sounds digital recording studio where he delved deeper into the world of sound engineering. Later, working with Grizzlys entertainment as a sound engineer gave Mahlon the exposure to top level show production with many different artistes and events.

Mahlon rounds out the talents of this dynamic band and it is their purposeful mix of abilities and backgrounds that has culminated in their debut, self -produced album: Judgement Day : music for the rebels. Raging Fyah!!

Raging Fyah | Courtland White

Raging Fyah : Courtland White

CourtlandWhite, aka Gizmo, was born in Kingston and was destined to be a musician. His mother, sang and played tambourine for her church and actively involved in her church, and with her, Gizmo took part in regular church functions from the age of three.

He began his musical career playing bass guitar but later switched to lead guitar as he developed a love for the intricacy and detail in the sounds. He has played Calypso, Rock steady, R & B and Reggae, touring with artistes such as Ini Kamoze, Black Uhuruand The Abyssinians.

As lead guitarist for Raging Fyah, Gizmo can now freely express the musical creativity he would sometimes suppress when asked to play other artistes’ music. Embarking on this exciting new journey with his young counterparts in Raging Fyah he says, “my deep-rooted love for the music and experience in the industry has combined to allow me to rise above all musical barriers, promoting consciousness and love. [I know] my longevity in the business has been characterized by self discipline, humbleness and perseverance in face of adversities, and I often tell young musicians to learn the business part, and singers to learn how to play an instrument. Remember, practice makes perfect; just keep the music going.”

Music | Judgement Day

music for the rebels

Raging Fyah : Judgement Day

Videos | Raging Fyah

Irie Vibes Official Music Video

Far Away Official Music Video

Judgement Day IRD 2011 Special

Press Release

Raging Fyah “Cyaan Cool, Cyaan Out” at Wickie Wackie Live

Raging Fyah : Judgement Day

August 9, 2011. Bull Bay, St. Thomas. An estimated 500 Raging Fyah fans turned out at Wickie Wackie Live on Sunday, August 7th to pree a special performance of the band’s debut album Judgement Day. As the half moon rose in the night sky, everyone felt the Irie Vibe, even those Far Away, who logged on via rockersoundstation.com for the live stream.

The evening opened with classic tracks from Wickie Wackie Live main selector Gabri Selassie who got the fans gathered to rock and groove as they sampled treats from Healthy Diets and watched the sun set over the Caribbean Sea. Mcee Simone Simpson welcomed the audience and began the programme by inviting three major industry players, who have supported the band over the past years, to say a few words to commemorate this major milestone in their musical journey.

Robert Bryan, CEO of Grizzly’s Entertainment was first on stage to congratulate the band he fondly referred to as his “sons”, boasting proudly of “watching the boys grow under his roof,” where they have been practicing diligently for over a year in preparation for their international career. After pledging the continued support of the Grizzly’s family, Bryan was followed onstage by producer Mikey Bennett who reflected on the band’s committed work ethic and musical style. The album was recorded at Bennett’s Grafton Studio and Bobby Digital’s studio. Edna Manley College senior lecturer, JARIA President and founding member of Third World and Inner Circle, Ibo Cooper, completed the trio of speakers. Cooper congratulated the band on their discipline and focus, and spoke to the power and potential of Reggae in the international market and the probability of Raging Fyah fulfilling that potential.

After a few album giveaways, the six-member Raging Fyah band took the stage, joined by a horn section and percussionist to deliver the full sound produced in studio for the 11 track, self-produced album. With perfectly tempered ocean breezes circulating the pulsing sounds of great Reggae music, fans from near and far (including a few lifelong fans who journeyed from St. Elisabeth), could not get enough of Raging Fyah. By the time the band performed crowd favorites like Running Away and Cyaan Cool, the beach bonfires were not the only things blazing at Wickie Wackie Live.

Former students of Edna Manley College, the band launched the Wickie Wackie Live monthly series in August 2010 and have established it as one of the most important live music stages for emerging talent wanting to promote themselves, and key industry players on the look-out for new and exciting talent with which to work. In keeping with that tradition, when Raging Fyah moved to the media lounge to speak with visiting journalists and take photos with their fans, other Wickie Wackie Live alumni took the stage to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the series.

First up was Duane Stephenson who blessed-up the audience with a selection of hits from his catalogue (including tracks from his acclaimed Black Gold album), followed by the Kurfew band. After the live performances closed, the audience lingered well into the night as they savoured the refreshing combination of good music, irie vibes and great ambiance which has come to characterize the Wickie Wackie Live and Raging Fyah experience. For all in attendance it was very encouraging to see that Reggae music is in good hands with Raging Fyah, as they make “music for the rebels.”

Launch sponsors included Grizzly’s Entertainment, HIA, International Reggae Day, Anubis Communications, Michelle Welsh Décor, Rockers Soundstation, ShacWorkz, Blip Productions, Guiness and Healthy Diets.

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